How it works


Any club or organisation, with a rowing machine can register.  Registration of one rowing machine for the 24 hour event is Free (for a limited time – last minute entries may attract a small fee) and allows your club to create a profile and start adding members. Your club will receive a thank you certificate and an information pack.

A club or organisation may register multiple times if it has multiple rowing machines available, but the commitment must be that every registered rowing machine is used constantly for the full 24 hours.

To take part in the World Record attempt, each machine must have a web camera viewing the machine and broadcasting for the full event.  Instructions of how to setup the web camera is part of the information pack but the camera and connection needs to be supplied by the club.  A $40 camera will do!

Each registered club will be listed on The Dry Row website with the camera feed (if applicable), a place for your members to Create a profile and collect donations.  Additionally each registered club will get access to a page to display in the club that will be kept up to date during the event on distance and money raised.

Time Slots & Prizes

How long do you think you can row non-stop on a fixed rowing machine? 5 minutes? 15 minutes? 1 hour? 3 hours? 24 hours?  Whatever your fitness level and determination, you can take part and make a difference to sick children who desperately need help. Sign up for an hour – gather three friends and share the hour, or really challenge yourself and sign up for multiple hours.

The time slots don’t cost you anything, we simply ask you to commit to the time slot you have registered for and each participant raise at least $100 in sponsorship.  When you sign up you will receive an email with a load of resources to help you gain sponsorship.

Every person taking part will make a difference to the money raised and the distance covered.  The aim is to have every rowing machine going continuously for the full 24 hours.

There will be prizes and awards to the individuals who row the greatest distance, raise the most money, as well as the club that covers the most distance and raises the most amount of money.  So whether you go for the record, or simply share time with friends for fun – we need you.

Spread the Word

Its time to shout your challenge from the rooftops!  Get on social media, talk to your family and friends, we will even send you some banners and artwork so its nice and easy for you.

$100 is what you should be aiming for.  Obviously the more you raise the more children are helped.  Your personal fundraising page makes it easy for your friends to sponsor you, but for those old fashioned rowers among us, you will receive a printable sponsor sheet too.