Could your members row around Australia?
I am launching a new national sporting event, centred around gyms, taking place in March 2019.  It is a nationally collective challenge to row around Australia in 24 hours.  That’s 13,000kms in a 24 hour period. All to benefit The Humpty Dumpty Foundation – an Australian charity who buy medical equipment for sick children in our Australian hospitals.
Let’s make it clear first of all – I am not writing to you for sponsorship, I do not need you to spend anything at all, nor for your members to pay anything.  Indeed this event will raise awareness for your gym or club and, if used properly, will help you attract new clients and retain existing ones.  This event is free for you to register and take part in, and there is no cost involved for your members either.  Let me tell you more.
The challenge:
  • To collectively row around Australia in a 24 hour national event.
  • To raise awareness and money for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.
How it works:
  • Between now and Christmas, it is 100% free for you, as a club or gym, to register to take part in the challenge. Register as a club at
  • Your commitment is that between 4pm (Sydney Time) on Friday 8th March 2019 and 4pm (Sydney Time) on Saturday 9th March 2019 you will make one indoor rowing machine available to be used and in motion for the full 24 hour period for your members.
  • You will promote the challenge to your members.
  • You may use it as an attraction tool, part of a 28 day fitness challenge or in any other way you feel is useful to your business.
  • Once registered, your members can then register as a Rower and list themselves as a member of your club on the website.  This is completely free for anyone to participate.
  • You will then be sent a signup sheet to put up in your gym with 1 hour blocks for the 24 hour period and members can reserve a time slot.
  • NOTE: Any member can block multiple hours or reserve an hour block as a team – four people can share an hour, row 1 minute on and 3 minutes off if they want as long as the machine is going constantly for the 24 hour period.
  • The commitment for any member rowing (whether that be for 3 hours or a very short stint as part of a team) is to attempt to raise $100 or more using the online sponsorship function, on their profile, on the Dry Row website.  This sponsorship function goes directly into the Humpty Dumpty Foundation bank account and directly towards the collective fund to buy medical equipment.  Read more about the Humpty Dumpty Foundation here.
There will be social media opportunities to promote your club and an online community nationally during the event.  We are also expecting a lot of publicity, locally and nationally.  We are also giving you the opportunity to webcam the machines into our online portal so we can create a real digital event.
There are also some fantastic prizes for you (the club), and the rowers.  Your club could win $10,000 worth of new gym equipment and the rowers could win an amazing adventure – prizes so far are here and will be added to as we get closer.
I am donating my time and marketing company – including the concept, website creation and promotion – completely and for free as this cause is very personal to me.  My children were very sick when they were born and equipment donated by someone I have never met, via the Humpty Dumpty Foundation literally saved their lives.  I call on you to take up the challenge.
More details at
I am happy to talk and answer any questions you have.
Thank you.