The Idea

I have been involved in the Humpty Dumpty Foundation for a long time.  My three children have all used medical equipment that had a little yellow badge on it saying “Donated by…” some company or person I have never heard of.  But that’s another blog!

So each year I run a charity ball – – and I love organising them.  But a ball takes a lot of organising for a relatively small return.  I guess when the charity is so close to your heart, it becomes an addictive drug.  I want to help more children, and more, and more.

So one day in my office, I was chatting to a friend about some sort of sporting event for charity.  We spoke about doing some sort of expedition.  Since reading about the Kokoda Trail, I have been keen to give it a go for the Foundation.  However, two things have stopped me signing up for it – the first is that I have 3 young children.  If I tackle the trail I want my wife to do it with me, and while the kids are just too young to be without mum and dad for 8 or 9 days!  The second is that I hurt my back this year!